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Cherchez la Femme is an unusual picture book with  out words. It typology characteristics of women and men and their mutual relations. The theme is elaborated in the form of 333 black and white images and poetic metaphors humor. View the book here.

    Introduction to the publication written by Miloš Forman, film and theatre director, screenwriter, screenwriter, winner of two Oscars, three Golden Globes and many other prestigious awards.„If a man tells you that he understands women, this shows that he has never loved anyone (except himself). I had the good fortune (or misfortune?) to be deeply in love twice in my life. And I can honestly tell you that the more I was in love, the less I underwood women. Their moods, reactions, requests and tears always caught me off guard“….  „But do not despair. Whenever you are overcome with the fear of your inability to understand the mind of your beloved, browse through this book. Although you will not be any wiser, you will feel relieved.“

ISBN 978-80-260-2852-9360, price: 35,00 €



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